Quality and

We are an international business group with the main objective of creating differential value for our clients. Our business areas focus on the deployment of Telecommunications networks, renewable energy, agri-food, among others.

Within our main activities:

  • Deployment of mobile networks (RAN, CORE, MBH, others), of fixed networks (FTTH, HFC, MPLS, others) and Network Audits (engineering, construction, prl). Internal and External Plant 
  • Design, Permits, construction, I+M, OSS, TAC
  • Process Consulting , Project Management, Technical Consulting, Environmental Management
  • Implementation of Technical Project Offices, Quality Offices (QoS), Inventory Offices .
  • PRL Management and Health and Safety Coordination.
  • Extensive knowledge in the legalization part oriented to the deployment of communication networks.

Much of our work is based on our own developments (SaS) that make us more competitive and efficient in the operation, through our LPS Tech branch.




 LPS INGENIERIA, as a company dedicated to the provision of ” ENGINEERING, LEGALIZATION AND CONSULTANCY SERVICES FOR ACTIVITIES RELATED TO THE TELECOMMUNICATIONS SECTOR  aims to achieve the full satisfaction of our clients by meeting their expectations service after service, through a quality policy based on:


  • Meeting the particular needs of each client, providing the most appropriate project engineering solutions in the field of telecommunications in each case.
  • Comply with the client’s requirements and the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the service we provide.
  • Quickly resolve any incident, giving immediate knowledge of it to the client.


LPS INGENIERIA is also aware of the existing environmental problems in our sector and taking into account social responsibility in the protection of the environment, LPS INGENIERIA is committed to carrying out environmental management both in its offices in Madrid and in each and every one of the places where it provides its services.


This management will allow us to adopt the necessary measures to minimize harmful environmental aspects, promoting our commitment to protect the environment, to prevent pollution and other specific commitments relevant to our organization, such as the sustainable use of resources, protection of biodiversity and ecosystems, etc. through a continuous improvement program.


As an instrument for the application and execution of its policy, LPS adopts a Quality and Environmental Management System in accordance with the strategic policy of the company, according to the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 standards.


It also establishes the periodic control of the management system, through audits according to the reference standards to, finally, obtain official recognition by an accredited certification entity.


The General Director of LPS INGENIERIA undertakes to:


  • Comply with the applicable environmental legislation and regulations that regulate the environmental aspects generated by the activity and try to exceed said requirements.
  • Meet the requirements of the client, as well as any other interested party.
  • To increase the satisfaction of our customers.
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of the implemented quality and environmental management system.
  • Establish in the company a dynamic of continuous improvement, defining, annually, objectives and programs for their achievement.
  • Minimize environmental effluents in the work centers, through their recycling and reuse whenever possible.
  • Include environmental issues in learning programs and encourage the implementation of good environmental practices by all LPS INGENIERIA staff.
  • Carry out audits and reviews on an annual basis.
  • Report both internally and externally on the progress of the company.


In order to share this commitment with all personnel, LPS ENGINEERING will disseminate the policy to all personnel and it will be public to all interested parties.


The specific environmental and quality objectives are part of the general objectives of LPS INGENIERIA, they are defined each year and are detailed in specific plans or programs for their achievement, with a definition of those responsible for them, execution deadlines and means necessary to achieve them. reach them.


Signed: General Director of LPS ENGINEERING