Security and health

Through our team we carry out Health and Safety Coordination in construction works.

The Coordinators carry out all the functions specified in the regulations, both during the preparation of the project and during the execution and completion of the work:

  • Initial and periodic meetings with Promoter, Project Management and Contractors and Subcontractors
  • Visa approval of the Health and Safety Plan
  • Health and Safety Visits
  • Safety and Health Reports
  • Access control and list of authorized workers and vehicles
  • Control and custody of Health and Safety documentation

Access management

The team of occupational risk prevention technicians is in charge of managing the necessary access so that own workers, contractors and subcontractors can access customer facilities. This activity requires an exchange of documentation with the client, review of company and worker documents and knowledge of the specific CAE management procedures of the sector.

The LPS Engineering technical team is made up of competent technicians: occupational risk prevention technicians and architects and engineers with training in occupational risk prevention, as well as knowledge and experience in construction activities.

Coordination of Business Activities (CAE):

Through SWESS, the LPS CAE Platform and the team of occupational risk prevention technicians, the necessary document exchange is managed and reviewed to carry out an adequate Coordination of Business Activities. Specifically, through SWESS you can manage:

  • Workers and Contractors assigned to a work, a work center, a project, etc. o Subcontracting levels: it allows exhaustively identifying subcontracting levels
  • Health and Safety Documentation: Risk Assessments, Training Certificates, Medical Approves, Delivery of Epis, Health and Safety Plans, Work Center Openings, Appointments of preventive resources, Subcontracting Book, etc. o And Social and Labor Documentation such as: Nominal List of Workers (RNT), Contribution Settlement Receipts (RLC), Registered Workers Report (ITA), …
  • List of authorized workers: according to the established Business Activities Coordination procedure.


With Swess you can manage the Coordination of Business Activities in a simple and very intuitive way.

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