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The LPS Group in Peru has participated in the deployment of FTTH (Fiber To The Home) networks, with more than 1,000,000 HPs (Past Homes) and FTTN links for the main local and national operators in Peru.

These projects add to the long history of Grupo LPS in the design and deployment of GPON networks with horizontal and vertical topology, with more than 1.5 million HPs and 1,000 km of Fiber Optic trunk in Peru.

Projects for the deployment (turnkey) of fiber optic networks are currently being developed in different regions throughout the Peruvian geography, with a forecast in 2023 for the deployment of more than 1,500,000 HPs and 1,500 km of Fiber trunk. Optics in both aerial and channeled environments.

Apart from the fiber optic networks, the LPS Group deploys mobile nodes for different clients, providing not only the engineering and construction, but also the infrastructure where the equipment is housed, designed ad hoc for the operator.

The coordination of the different departments is carried out from the central offices in Lima. In addition to the engineering and construction departments in charge of achieving the construction of the Fiber Optic network, we have the following transversal services:

  • The Health and Safety coordination department
  • The BQA area
  • The certification department


We base our work on applying the company’s know-how, adapting the specific needs of each client to achieve the desired “footprint”, carrying out high-quality engineering.



All the phases of a “turnkey” project are developed, which include the following stages:


  • Planning and Management of the Project, for the realization, control and assurance of the schedule and quality of the works.
  • Collection of information, setting out in the field to confirm the location of the elements of the network.
  • Design and engineering of the Power Supply and Distribution Network, according to the needs of each client and always complying with the specifications and current technical regulations.
  • Management of permits before Private and Government agencies, preparation and management of technical files to obtain authorization for network deployment.
  • Civil Works, such as implementation of own posts, construction of chambers and pipes in the Power and Distribution Network.
  • Logistics Management of Materials, ensuring proper monitoring and movement of materials for loading, transport and unloading.
  • Construction of the Power and Distribution Network, for the optimal solution, according to the desired requirements or geographical conditions, guaranteeing at all times that current construction and safety regulations are respected.
  • Closures and Conformity of Work, for the verification of all the documentation and delivery to the client of the entire project of design and construction of the Fiber Optic network.

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