Renewable energies

Our professional experience in energy, environment and efficiency projects allows us to guarantee the success of our actions in the fields that our clients require.

LPS Group bets on the renewable energy sector

The LPS group develops projects related to the carbon footprint and energy efficiency.


  • Carbon Footprint: We take care of carrying out the corresponding audits to determine the level of carbon footprint that the company has. In addition to the purchase/sale of said bonds to cover the needs generated in the sector.
  • Energy Efficiency: What does the LPS Group do in energy efficiency projects? We offer energy services that include making investments in materials, works or supplies necessary to optimize quality and reduce energy costs.

Carbon Footprint

We help companies in the management of the carbon credit or also called “Certificate of Emission Reduction” (CER), with the intention of reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

We mediate in the purchase/sale of these bonds that can be sold and purchased in the carbon markets, according to the needs of the issuer. In this way, if a company does not consume its carbon credits, it could sell them to another that needed them to exceed its GHG emissions. The energy area of ​​the LPS Group carries out the actions of connecting the supply with the demand for bonds in the market.


Management projects and energy supply. LPS carries out audits of public/private lighting installations, offering our clients a self-financing project, without initial investment in the substitution of materials; through the following phases:


1. Energy Consulting

  • Audit of lighting systems installed and Inventory Preparation

2. Plan of Actions

  • Proposal for Energy Efficiency measures

3. Preparation of Performance Contract

  • Commitment to achieve planned savings
  • Financing plan for the systems based on the energy savings achieved.

4.Implementation of savings systems

Cost reduction:

Direct: energies, consumables, systems.

Indirect: personnel, operations and maintenance.

Total financing.



Remote management, monitoring and control.

Systems that allow modular growth.

Use of technological standards.


Public image:

Sustainability, quality, modernity, improvement of services.

Enhanced driver and pedestrian safety.

Principal functions

  • Detailed study of the state of the client’s energy facilities.
  • Technical and economic analysis of the feasibility of implementing energy efficiency measures or energy generation based on efficient technologies and/or renewable sources.
  • Possible search for sources of financing for the project to improve the facilities.
  • Implementation of the selected improvements in agreement with the client.
  • Guarantee of energy savings.
  • Energy management.
  • Maintenance of the installations.
  • Monitoring of energy and economic results.
Management projects and energy supply. LPS carries out audits of public/private lighting installations, offering our clients a self-financing project, without initial investment in the substitution of materials; through the following phases:

Hiring form


  • Supply and installation of new lighting systems.
  • Conditioning and updating of facilities
  • Comprehensive maintenance of facilities
  • energy payment
  • Service Level Agreement


  • Necessary investments
  • Contract Duration: 12-16 years
  • Savings are produced from the first moment
  • It is not necessary to allocate a budget: it is financed with the savings generated
  • The indebtedness of the entity does not increase

in the world

LPS Grupo, continues to grow, knows each of our delegations at an international level and the services we offer in each of them. We are currently in three continents: Europe, Latin America and Africa.

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