With Swess you can manage the Coordination of Business Activities in a simple and very intuitive way.

What is Swess?

The new way of managing business documentation

Swess is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that facilitates the management of Coordination of Business Activities (CAE).

Its main function is the management of documentation for compliance with the obligation of Coordination of Business Activities in accordance with the Occupational Risk Prevention regulations, as well as that of the services associated with it.

More info about Swess here:  swess.es


  • Intuitive software: Very easy to use, complete all your tasks easily
  • SaaS: Access at any time and from any device, simple
  • Parameterizable: Customization and new modules based on your needs
  • Optimization: Optimize the sending and review of your documents, without complications
  • Functional: Set alerts, activate or deactivate employees temporarily.
  • Cost reduction: Speeds up the exchange and allows the reuse of already validated documentation


  • LOPD: SWESS carries out the security audits indicated in Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13 on the Protection of personal data and its R.D. Regulator 1720/2007 of December 21. In addition, it has its files duly registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency and follows the security measures required in said Royal Decree for medium/high level files and data processing.
  • Encrypted Communication: Our platform has an SSL certificate that ensures that sending sensitive data is safe against possible identity theft, phishing, and other third-party attacks. You can check our certificate by clicking on the green icon () of your browser, ensuring that all connections are made via HTTPS


SWESS has an immediate backup system. All the documents you upload to the platform are backed by version control, so you can always check the evolution of your documents. In addition, the storage is done in a geo-redundant way: When uploading a document, it is replicated by our network of servers and guarantees its availability in case of failure or high demand.

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